Anything & Everything Media

The place where Everyone has a Story!


The show invites everyone to take part in a conversation in just about, any and everything. You can be an entrepreneur, a writer, an artist, an actor, celebrity, engineer, healthcare worker, or that single mom or dad who works countless jobs to make ends meet. The show is dedicated to acknowledging humanity at its core, and to recognize that everyone has a story.

The Anything & Everything brand currently produces 4 segments, and growing

The New Orleans Music Legends
Honoring & recognizing legendary artists and families who have made major contributions to the fabric of the New Orleans music scene

The Women of Color Catalysts
Honoring & recognizing women of color of who are more than trailblazers, but also trendsetters

The Women of Color Catalysts & their Allies
This segment of course honors women of color;however, it also recognizes allies who advocate for Black, Brown, and minority women of color, and those who share diversity supporting values and actions with others.

The Artists Circle
Honoring & recognizing artists throughout the U.S. and abroad for their array of talent

The Brotherhood Circle
Honoring & recognizing Black men for their strength and their overall contributions to their families and communities

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